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Coffee for Industry and Offices

Our program for Industry and Offices was developed to offer the most exquisite gourmet coffee from Guatemala, Café Capeuleu, to companies for the satisfaction of the people who work and interact with them. This program is characterized by centralizing through a single supplier, the supply of the Capeuleu Coffee Gourmet Line, advice, and training for the preparation of coffee, in addition to all the necessary supplies for the attention of visitors, customers and employees. Capeuleu Gourmet Coffee Line and De Sombra Coffee Line.

» Special dosed packaging for your equipment to standardize preparations and achieve better coffee performance, which translates into resource optimization. » Technical training for staff in general knowledge of coffee, coffee preparation, use and cleaning of equipment, at no cost. » Programmed deliveries of the product according to the needs of the company, to guarantee the freshness of the coffee. » Constant monitoring of the account to maintain the gourmet quality of our coffee. At Capeuleu we care about the well-being of your company by offering products and services of excellence. The reward of our work is to ensure that your customers, employees, and visitors enjoy An Encounter with Café Capeuleu.

Coffee Service for Restaurants and Hotels

At Capeuleu we design a special program for Coffee Service to Restaurants and Hotels. It makes the Gourmet Capeuleu Coffee Line available to the hospitality industry, which presents options to satisfy the most demanding tastes and professional advice based on experience and knowledge in the preparation of coffee and the proper use of equipment.

The Café Capeuleu service to Restaurants and Hotels offers each establishment: » The Gourmet Capeuleu Coffee Line in dosed packages. » Espresso Capeuleu Classic Drinks Menu. » Evaluation of the current equipment for the preparation of coffee and recommendations. » Access to the acquisition of machines for the preparation of coffee. » Training your employees regarding coffee preparations. » Deliveries scheduled so you always have fresh coffee. At Capeuleu we recognize the needs of your business and we care about offering you products and services that represent additional income. We focus on presenting solutions that make a difference in your establishment and the incessant preference of your client.

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